Third-Party Heather

Text message sent to my daughter

Message was traced back to a residence at Rancho Isabella.

The individual at this residence was called by Angleton ISD officials, instructed and intimidated him into taking my campaign sign down. 

Sign was only up for an hour and a half when the individual received phone calls from the district. 

Messages about my ethnicity and Hispanic heritage

This is just one of many and explicit messages.

The owner of this residence called and said that Brewer had spoken to her husband and convinced him in taking my campaign sign down.

This sign was placed on 288 and Hwy 35. The sign was taken down several times by a Brewer supporter, a well known real estate agent. 

A sign was placed at this location. A week later it was taken down at the request of my Opponent according to the owner. The sign was never given back.