Currently, AISD does not post Zoom video of board meetings.

Having these meetings posted available on the district website would allow the public to better understand where the money goes and the methods the district uses for efficiency and cost-savings. 

There's ways school districts can stretch the school dollars. Having information readily available for taxpayers and parents perhaps they could provide feedback as well.  Seeing the process occur would also help taxpayers understand how efficient the district is working.

This is AISD no Zoom videos of meetings posted.

Other districts in the county make those recordings readily available. 

As we can see here with BISD.

Another example Alvin ISD.

AISD does not provide any documentation on what's being voted and approved by the board. 

Purchases are made to meet the goals of the district, by having this documentation taxpayers would see what their tax dollars are buying. This would also keep parents informed.  

This is AISD's board meetings minutes. 

No links or files to see what was voted on and the need.

This is what other districts in the county provide their taxpayers. Here's BISD.

Here's an example of what other districts provide information on.  Here's Alvin ISD.

With the above information provided, taxpayers would be able to review them prior to the meeting and show up to provide a public comment. 

Angleton ISD:  Public Comments section with no files or attachments available for the public to review in order to formulate their comment(s).

Here's what other districts in the county provide to the public prior to their "Public Comment" . This is from the BISD website.