Using 3rd Parties


And many more..

This is what was found later, Farley & Brewer.


Got accused of just copying a link. I didn't copy it just to copy it, I actually went to a meeting and spoke to them. 

On Tuesday April 20, 2021 A voter contacted me to ask several questions. He did mention that the Angleton Republican Women's group President had made it known that she was endorsing my Opponent. And that's ok, I understand they've known each other longer and she is the incumbent. Soon after this call I began receiving messages from my Opponents supporters and postings on my FB Page.

 He was calling me to gave me an opportunity to answer his questions so he could decide who to vote for. I really appreciated that.


And many more...

I did not file any lawsuit against AISD. This is a lie.

In 2014/2015 the person below filed a  federal complaint.

Lutringer insistent in transparency, in regards to incident(s) it was posted. 

Records Provided

This is what was found later, Lutringer & Brewer.


Again, implying that I filed a lawsuit, then another...



The non-event referenced is part of the records provided from an open records request. 

As you can see above, they demanded transparency and the "TRUTH", it was provided and they didn't like it...

That's what the district submitted and provided.


I don't know this person and he doesn't know me.

These are all his personal opinions and hasn't even tried to even ask me anything.

School District Employee told to take the sign down and to not get involved in the school board.


Employee name is being withheld to protect his job because he really needs it.

If the video doesn't work this is the link:

The text received and what people have said about the "race card" 

This text was received on 4/1/21 and it wasn't brought up until just recently because I don't let these type of words and statement distract me. 

No one has brought up the race card. Yet many saying that the race card has been brought up. This is what's being brought up.